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Cybersecurity: Locked and loaded Cyber Security Solutions!

Cybersecurity: Locked and loaded Cyber Security Solutions!

Cybersecurity: Locked and loaded Cyber Security Solutions!Cybersecurity: Locked and loaded Cyber Security Solutions!Cybersecurity: Locked and loaded Cyber Security Solutions!


Dark Web Security will help you focus on the human element of security by combining key components needed to identify, educate, and manage employee vulnerabilities. 

 Dark Web Security approaches have primarily focused on detection and remediation, but this is no longer effective. To prevent a ransomware attack, a shift in practice from detection to prevention is essential. 

Stop attacks before they can infect organizations and cause harm. Organizations must have the appropriate security architecture in place to enable this shift.


What is cybersecurity?

Surprisingly, such a simple word has a very complex set of definitions.  Depending who you ask (or which link you click when you google it) you may learn that cybersecurity is network security, or that

cybersecurity is about protecting data, or cybersecurity is securing devices from hackers.

The truth is, cybersecurity isn’t just one of those things—it’s all of those things, and more.

Cybersecurity is a complex combination of technologies, processes, and techniques that work to protect devices, systems, networks, and data from damage, loss, and malicious attacks.

A Strong Perimeter

It may seem obvious, but good security starts with a strong

perimeter. This is because your “perimeter” is the first layer of

defense, like the moat around a castle or a tall fence around your

yard. Security appliances, like a physical Firewall or Web Application

Firewall (WAF) should stand between your network and outside

threats. cyber security ransomware computer security

Endpoint Protection

An effective anti-virus solution is another important preventative

measure. It’s the main prevention solution for endpoint devices, like

laptops and desktop computers. An AV program should be installed

and running on every endpoint within your network.

Email Security

Over 91% of breaches start with a malicious email. With a strong

email security solution in place, you can limit the amount of unsafe

and unwanted emails that reach users’ inboxes with features like

email sandboxing, anti-spam, and anti-virus solutions.

Well-Trained Staff


The truth is, the end-user is often the weakest link in your network.

Be sure that all users within your organization are trained to

recognize phishing emails, unsecure websites, and other malicious

content an attacker might use against them.

With these preventative features in place, not only will you be more

prepared to resist cyberattacks, but you can be sure that you’re

doing the most to prevent threats from becoming breaches.



48% of hackers and incident respondents spend 1-5 hours per week keeping up with security news, trends, and technologies. Technology is a way of keeping up with the changing threat landscape. According to the Ponemon Institute, organizations see on average a 64% improvement in phishing click rates after rolling out a security training program and a 37-fold ROI upon enrolling in a phishing program. Stop cyber-criminals at the forefront by stopping them in their tracks  with a strong layer of human defense.

 66% of cyber criminals rank email phishing as their attack vector of choice. Unsuspecting employees may see a login confirmation or file download and not think twice. 

 59% of individuals admitted to mostly or always using the same password, despite 91% knowing it's a security risk.* If a breached password is reused, that account is at risk of being hacked. 

 With the storage of customer data and limited resources to dedicate to cybersecurity, your organization may be at a higher risk of suffering a cyber criminal attack. 



Network Detective

Network Detective

 The Network Detective HIPAA Assessment Module combines the automated collection of network data with information you gather through observations, photographs and surveys.

 It then automatically generates documents required under HIPAA including a HIPAA Risk Analysis.  A mountain of reports at the push of a button save you untold days, or even weeks, worth of production work. 

Network Detective

Network Detective

Network Detective

 Unlike any other IT assessment product, there are no agents, probes or software to install. The small executable scan files run from a thumb drive plugged into any computer in the domain. 

In most cases the scans complete in well under an hour. So while you’re walking around the prospect site, taking notes and making your pitch, Network Detective diligently gathers a mountain of network data and saves it in a safely-encrypted file on your thumb drive.  

Penetration Testing

Network Detective

Penetration Testing

 With human error causing over 92% of data breaches, we understand the importance of focusing on the weakest link by empowering employees through self-improvement, personal protection, and engaging training that is relate-able, not demeaning.  

 Company accounts can be involved in a data breach such as LinkedIn or Dropbox. These breached credentials can't be erased and without proactive security and swift remediation, can pose high risks to your network. 


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